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Focused, Experienced

Don’t hire an investment bank to help you raise capital; they’re expensive, and investors don’t like them.

SaaS Advisors will pull together your message and get you in front of the right investors quickly. With good materials, the right introductions, and a clean process, competition will unlock your full value and increase the odds of success.

SaaS Advisors has decades of SaaS-specific fundraising experience and has been on all sides of the table as an advisor, equity investor, lender, and who has raised $100s of millions for their own account.


Data-driven, Nuanced

Since publishing the first comprehensive guide to SaaS valuations, “How to Value Your SaaS Company,” in 2012, SaaS Advisors has been at the forefront of identifying SaaS valuation trends and drivers.

All SaaS companies are different, and cookie-cutter 409A valuations fail to recognize the nuances of most companies. Having priced equity rounds in over 60 SaaS (or near SaaS) companies, SaaS Advisors has unmatched real-world valuation experience.

We are efficient in our process and also advise companies on aspects of their business they need to address to increase their valuation.

Thought Leadership

Respected, Objective, Insightful

SaaS Advisors has published over 100 articles on SaaS pricing, payments, metrics, valuations, accounting, reporting, and go-to-market strategies.

SaaS companies targeting other software companies leverage our content to reach SaaS founders, CEOs, and CFOs. Whether through thought-leading content driving SEO, postings on LinkedIn, or seminars and webinars, SaaS Advisors deliver high-quality content to a specific and valuable target. Our posts regularly reach over 100,000 people on LinkedIn.


Targeted, Streamlined, Efficient

While optimizing the sale of your company can be worth millions over an ad-hoc process, investment bankers add substantial overhead, which is not necessary, particularly for smaller companies.

At SaaS Advisors, you will work directly with someone who has engaged with hundreds of SaaS companies and knows exactly what buyers are looking for. Prep your company’s material in days, not weeks, using our templates and start talking to buyers right away.

Corporate Development

Networked, Thoughtful, Picky

Building a list of potential partners is not all that hard, but identifying which ones have real potential and then nurturing those relationships into something actionable takes experience.

Companies looking for deep partnerships and acquisition targets can leverage SaaS Advisors’ network and their C-level communication skills to find and develop the right relationships. Our experience in valuing and underwriting SaaS companies is also useful in the later stages of each opportunity.


Pragmatic, Actionable

SaaS pricing has evolved substantially over the last ten years, and getting it right is worth millions to your business.

Hiring a dedicated pricing consultant is right for some SaaS companies, and we can make recommendations for good ones we have worked with. But sometimes, you just need an experienced partner who has seen dozens of pricing models and can help you quickly ideate and isolate pricing programs that will work for your business and will avoid common pitfalls.