About SaaS Advisors

Todd Gardner is the founder and Managing Director of SaaS Advisors. Todd has spent his entire career at the intersection of technology and finance. His deep understanding of the SaaS business model led him to launch SaaS Capital in 2007, which filled an unmet need in the burgeoning market and started a new area of tech finance.

At SaaS Capital, Todd built the origination engine and underwriting structure supporting 65 debt financings with zero underwriting across three oversubscribed funds. SaaS Capital’s first fund is the best performing private debt fund ever tracked by PitchBook, and the second and third funds are the best performing of the 35 funds in each of their respective vintage years. After a successful thirteen-year run, Todd sold SaaS Capital in 2020. Since that time, he has focused on helping others understand SaaS metrics and valuations and secure debt and equity financing.

Prior to founding SaaS Capital, Todd spent a decade in venture capital focused on software investing during its transition to the SaaS model. Early on, he worked as a technology consultant at Deloitte and as a commercial lender at PNC Bank. He graduated with distinction from both Indiana University with an MBA and a BA in Economics from DePauw University.

Todd frequently publishes white papers and blog posts on SaaS finance topics, including consumption-based pricing, and is a Founding Member of the SaaS Metrics Standards Board.