Metrics that Measure Up: Silicon Valley Collapse

Lessons learned from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse – with Todd Gardner, SaaS Advisors Friday, March 10th, 2023 – a moment in B2B Technology and Start-Up ecosystem history that many will never forget and hopefully provides a foundation for learning the risks and rewards of venture-backed, early-stage entrepreneurship. Todd Gardner founded SaaS Capital in 2007, […]

Metrics that Measure Up: The Rise of Usage-Based Pricing in B2B SaaS

Todd Gardner – The rise of Usage-Based Pricing in B2B SaaS SaaS Capital – I have always loved that name and followed their B2B SaaS Research for many years. Todd Gardner was a founder at SaaS Capital, which helped lead the early days of “Debt Lending” for SaaS companies. Most recently, Todd is now the […]